Greener Grass

in Gb Major & B Major

By Doug Rausch

4/4    ♩= 126


You. You want control
I can’t say no
That’s how we go 

I want to hold onto
What I don’t know
Where do we go
Nobody knows 

And if - we don’t survive
And this all dies
Should we be surprised
Just know I tried

So here we are
None of the pieces seem to fit
We made it this far (GM7#5)
But tell me is this it 

You and me will die
So what is this about
They say enjoy the ride
But how can I get out 

I’ve seen what’s over there
Sorry but I don’t care

My painful memories
All drowned in melodies
Anticlimactic to see (GM7#5)
All that’s been happening to me cuz 

I’m stuck
I’m stuck
I’m stranded 

So let us rewind
To the hell of yesterday
How can we forget the time (GM7#5)
When everything got in the way 

I devoted my life
Got it stuck in my head
Thought I’d give it a try
I don’t wanna be dead 

But I can’t help these extremes
Ya can’t kill all my screams 

I’m not a hypocrite
And I ain’t full of it
So sick of all of it
That’s it (GM7(6)) I quit (B/F#)

I'm stuck
I'm stuck
I'm stranded

NO! Further we GO! Out of CONTROL! Into the hole…
NOW! This all stops NOW! I don’t know HOW! To turn it around…
But get off the ground 

And though upon last call I gave it all and hit the wall… I will not fall 

All of this will pass
But soon so will we
No more no more
None of this will be

And I'm stuck
I'm stuck
I'm stuck
So stuck

I'm stuck
I'm f***ed