"Talented dude, interesting music…!" tweeted then-Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, upon hearing self-titled debut album of RAUSCH. Little did he know the road traveled to get just that far... 

Doug RAUSCH Ron Bumblefoot Thal

w/ Ron Bumblefoot Thal

After devoting the better part of his early years to the piano, namesake pianist-singer-songwriter Doug RAUSCH earned his Ithaca College music degree - winning recognition as concerto competition finalist with Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue - and plunged straight into self-imposed exile. Disillusioned by how mainstream music had all but completely plateaued by the start of the 21st century – culminating in an eye-opening stint at Sony Music Studios in NYC - RAUSCH felt faced with two options: cling to the hopes of mobilizing a live outfit ambitious enough to match his vision, or fully invest into the songs… no matter the cost. Wary of spinning his wheels in the big city, he chose the latter – and cost it did.  

Initial efforts attracted some key kindred musical spirits; RAUSCH caught his first compositional accolades when Jordan Rudess (keyboard wizard of Dream Theater) contacted him to perform in the very first KEYFEST. Then came an essential find in one Gary Wehrkamp (best known as virtuoso guitarist from progressive rock juggernaut Shadow Gallery), who would prove outright indispensable in years to come. Via Wehrkamp, another critical introduction was made: mix-extraordinaire Rich Mouser (Chris Cornell, Neal Morse, Dream Theater), who agreed to help deliver the babies. Dream-team complete, RAUSCH doubled down on his convictions and entered the studio. It would be a while before he’d emerge… 


Doug RAUSCH Jordan Rudess

w/ Jordan Rudess

Doug RAUSCH Gary Wehrkamp

w/ Gary Wehrkamp

RAUSCH Album Cover Art

RAUSCH Debut Album Artwork

First came 2009's self-funded, self-titled debut (RAUSCH). While owing much to obvious influences such as Queen, Pink Floyd & Beethoven, it was the album’s completely stripped-down "Ode to Pain" that won an honorable-mention nod from the 2010 International Songwriting Competition (ISC). Leadoff single "No Fair" hit the top 10 on New Music Weekly’s small-market radio charts, and fan-favorites "Bipolar," "It Happens" & "B.P.M.S." drove successful early live shows - along with help from devoted bandmates Joe Fine (bass) & Gino Pinto (drums). Grammy-nominated producer David Ivory (The Roots, Halestorm) "discovered" the band, opening yet another door…

While applauding the explorational-yet-accessible RAUSCH recipe, Ivory’s assertion that "‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ wasn’t until Queen’s fourth album" was as much a caution [against doing too much too soon] as it was a compliment. Subsequent collaboration found multi-instrumentalist Doug briefly stepping away from the piano completely; first Ivory-produced track "Good Day" instead came careening out of his guitar. Effectively the first single – a mere prelude - from the new upcoming album, it was released in 2014 with the main course imminently expected. Alas, what followed was another unexpected "prolonged period of monogamy between music & creator" (just as Album I’s liner notes had so candidly described that arduous expedition); surgeries were required, relationships imploded, and in real life Spinal Tap fashion, musicians mysteriously vanished. When the prevailing line-up – including returning bassist Fine alongside newcomers Steve Lerro & Chris Ruffini - finally pulled its collective head back above water, somehow the 2nd decade of the 2000’s had almost evaporated. Almost…

RAUSCH Good Day Cover Art

"GOOD DAY" Single