in e minor

By Doug Rausch 

4/4    ♩= 60 


          I don’t really care anymore                   [m(#5/9)] 
          I know I am living but what for               [m(#5/9)
          I’m not really here anymore                   [m9 / m9(#5)
          Nothing really much matters to me anymore     [m9 / m(#5/9) / m(#5/9/11)
                             I don’t really care anymore 

Verse I:

It’s all in our minds 
The games that we play 
Take a look outside it’s a day 

It’s all the unknown 
It’s all up to us 
Release us from the worry and the fuss 
No turning back… 


No wasting time today 
Leave it behind your way 
All that matters 
Is all there is 

Verse IIa:  m(#5/9), m7(#5/11), m9(#5), m(#5/9/11) 

(I don’t really care, etc….) 

Verse IIb: 

It’s a learned behavior 
Unhook the wires don’t get any crazier 

Get to the point 
If there’s one at all 
The tick of time is set no matter how hard you call 
No turning back… 



Verse III: 

There is no room 
For philosophy 
In a world that’s pressed for time to be 

Simplify the means 
Don’t be complicated 
Get a couple of breaths or further frustrated 

It’s fun to try to figure out 
But we never will 
It seems to me these days it's just a slower kill 
No turning back...


 Go on make up your mind 
Go on leave me behind 
Let’s see if 
I’ll be alright 



Quadrants 1, 3, 4: m-m(#5/9) all 4 times (4th time no 9th in acoustic guitar) 
Quadrant 2: m-m#5, m-m#5, m-m#5, m-m(#5/9) 

(1st quadrant instrumental) 

2nd quadrant: 

I’m just trying to be 
And I don’t know how to be 
Feels like there may not be 
Enough time for me 

3rd quadrant: 

I just wanna relax 
Feel the feeling of free 
Yeah but down came the ax 
Made little pieces of me 

4th quadrant: 

You know my heart beats so fast 
My nerves won’t leave me alone 
Haunted by the past 
I will not pick up the phone 

I wanna run for cover 
I’m not like the others 
You know I need my sleep 
I need my sleeeeeeeeeeeep