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Happy New Year from RAUSCH!

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Are you ready for a new RAUSCH album?

Well so are we.... 

And rest assured, I am personally at the top of a hypothetical list of those who are uncontrollably impatient to hear it...

...so in that case, I suppose perhaps I should begin it.

The songs are there, now it's just a matter of returning to Ye Olde Recording Studio (or, to be more precise, Ye New Recording Studio, as yours truly has just made significant investments into upgrading for ALBUM #2) and getting to work.

First thing's first, however: we are hard at work preparing a little video for you, so you can FINALLY have a little taste of RAUSCH in LIVE MODE - if you weren't able to make it to any of the first run of shows - and Youtube shall be RAUSCH-less no more!

2012 is going to be a crazy year in the land of RAUSCH... just so long as it kicks the $#*t out of the dead and buried wreckage of 2011, that's all I ask.



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