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Tonight in bed I feel it’s all been done before
The barren trees are gone there’s new ones at the door
Plant them give them sunlight and then they’ll grow
Into familiar entities just like the ones you used to know

Start the pattern over, when they spit on you you’ll know the game
Punch the time clock of life, absorb events that end the same

Peace of mind comes at a price
But u can do it work hard save up roll the dice

Although we feel we know the deal, we need to know we’ll never know
Straight through until the end, we can’t be sure how things might go

Maybe it’s not all black and white
There’s nothing we need to do tonight
We live our lives through strings of choice
Would you like them to hear your voice?

Now I see it on your face
Though everything’s the same still maybe there’s a better place
Wake up and start moving all the paths are old
None of them are new but maybe there’s a hidden one of gold

Caught up in the moment there’s a lot of laundry to hang about
But as observer only YOU’ll be able to hear you screamin out

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