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I need a song to get me through this
I need a song to ease the pain
I need a song to stay here with me
Since everyone else cut out of the game

Oh God above why are these my chores
Oh do you know what it’s like to never know
All of this can’t be so random
I wish I had a plan like yours

They say… How can one man do this?
They say… They don’t want me to
But I say… If they won’t help me through this
How can they say I’ve got more than one option to choose

Everybody keeps on dying
It’s such a scary thought
I could go tomorrow even after all these wars I’ve fought
I will keep on trying
What more am I to do
Get up, keep on moving with or without a kiss from you

You say… How can one man do this?
You say… You won’t want me to
Still I say… If you won’t help me through this
Don‘t say I’ve got more than one option to choose

I have done all I can do now
Lord I leave it up to you
There are things that I can‘t control
Lord there’s nothing left that I can do

So will you leave me at home stranded
The final pinch of luck withheld
I’ve endured what no man should have to
And Lord you know I’m so sick of the smell

So when you string me on a line… I wiggle still
And you leave me far behind… I run to kill

And you take my hope away… you’ll find I stay
You waste my precious day… It’s not ok

This has gone too far… there is unsettled debt
You ignore me at the bar… I take a breath
You left me there for dead… I have no choice
And you turned the knife instead… still I’lI find my voice

I won’t go away… there’s too much to defend
I’m not done yet… I am here to the end

You lock me inside… I look around
As the smoke begins to rise… I just stay to the ground

My skin begins to fry… yet still I try
You bury me alive… but I will find my way out

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